Dental Services

A visit to our Ayr dentist facility is a one of a kind experience.   A welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff are awaiting your arrival each time you open our doors.  Open to accepting those in search of both family dentistry plans, or emergency dental care, our state-of-the-art facility provides our patients with nothing less than the best in oral hygienic care.

A Trusted Family Dentist In Ayr

Creating good oral hygiene habits at an early age is the first step in maintaining a healthy and brilliant smile for life.  Our Ayr dentists and professional staff make trips to the dentist for young ones a pleasant experience, and will help arm you with the educational tools required to form those teeth brightening habits.

From the moment you and your loved ones pass through our doors, the experience is notably different.  The inclusion of Flat screen TVs, a Playstation, and a cozy fireplace make our contemporary waiting room feel more like a visit to a relative’s home over the holidays, than it does a trip to the dentist office.

We’re pleased to offer oral sedation dentistry to those among our patients who may still feel anxious about procedures.  In addition to this, we have also made the technological advancements in pain-free dentistry available to you, by way of laser dentistry for soft tissue procedures.  Replace anxiety with comfort when you plan your next visit to the dentist’s chair.  Call our staff today, and set a date to visit us here in Ayr.

A Leading Cosmetic Dentist in Ayr

At Ayr Dental, your overall health is inclusive of how you feel about yourself.  We want to see each one of our patients proudly flash a smile whenever they feel the urge.  This boost of confidence can be achieved by way of one of our many cosmetic dentistry procedures.   Our attention to detail, and patient approach to cosmetic procedures is what sets us aside from other dentists in Ayr.  From routine teeth whitening procedures, to more intricate restorations, our Ayr dentists will leave you with a smile that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


Call Our Ayr Dental Practice Today For A Free Consultation

Our Ayr dentist is the last dentist you’ll ever need.  Serving patients in Ayr, Paris, Waterloo, Cambridge and Kitchener. Our Ayr facility provides you with a welcoming environment and professional dental care.  With flexible hours available to fit into your busy lifestyle, our goal is convenience. Give us a call at 519-632-8150.