Digital Radiography

Digital radiography systems are used by dentists instead of film because of the clarity of images they can provide. They are also far more reliable and versatile than film when it comes to syncing with the office’s systems.

The software-based system for digital radiography we use has image enhancement functions. These functions include brightness control, magnification, and even heightened contrast. These functions allow us to see certain aspects for each X-ray are not visible to the human eye or on the film itself.

The diagnostic capability of this machine is unparalleled. The digital technology allows us to view a high definition image that fills a 19-inch screen vs. a film image roughly the size of a regular postage stamp. Using the software-based digital radiography’s image enhancement functions such as magnification, brightness control, and heightened contrast, you can bring out many aspects of the X-ray that simply aren’t visible on film. These aspects include things such as small fractures and other imperfections that could have easily been missed on film.

As a dentistry practice with the capability to display a large-screen image of your X-ray, we can involve our patients and can educate them about our diagnosis and treatment plans in a visual way that cannot be done with film alone. Our current patients appreciate knowing the ins and outs of their oral care.

Digital Radiography Systems Allow for a Comfortable X-Ray Procedure

The core of a digital radiography system, and the one Ayr Dental's patients care about the most, is the sensor. The reason patients care about this part the most is because some sensors are more comfortable than others. The sensors used at our office have no sharp edges, ensuring that comfort comes with every visit to our practice. This makes the whole X-ray experience as enjoyable as possible. On top of comfort, our team wants the X-Ray process to be quick. We’ve pre-programmed our software to take a specific sequence of required photos, further streamlining this process, and ensuring your visit to the dentist is efficient as well as painless.

Another reason why Dr. Ramona uses digital radiography is because all the X-ray images are stored on the computer. This allows for seamless retrieval of film images while sending X-rays to insurance companies or to other dental specialist.  This allows our staff at Ayr Dental to better serve you.

With this technology, Dr. Ramona and staff at Ayr Dental are able to display similar X-rays taken on different occasions side-by-side on the computer screen. This allows patients to see progress over time. With digital radiography and its phenomenal diagnostic capability, patients appreciate the fact that they are routinely involved in their oral health.  Contact Ayr Dental to find out how we can help.