Cosmetic Dentistry

Recapture the healthy vitality of your smile with professional cosmetic dentistry at Ayr Dental. Our experienced team offers a wide variety of corrective and aesthetic procedures including crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, restorations, dental implants and composite resin fillings, express in-office teeth whitening, and virtually painless advanced laser dentistry.

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Restorations, Bonding & Composite Resin Fillings


Help to prevent further decay and to strengthen your teeth with composite resin (tooth coloured) fillings, an undetectable innovation and alternative to the gold or amalgam (silver) options also available.

For the repair of chips, gaps, irregularities or misalignment, patients may opt for tooth contouring or the application of a resistant bonding material, set with light and smoothed for a flawless finish.

Crowns & Bridges

A crown of porcelain, gold, or metal alloy may be fitted precisely to greatly improve the appearance of an existing tooth which has deteriorated or has been damaged. Once the surrounding decay has been removed, a crown is fixed securely to the shaped tooth for a durable, natural look. Bridges may be a suitable option if adjoining teeth and gums are healthy and may support the insertion of the tooth substitutes. To allow for the creation of accurate, individualized tooth impressions, both procedures may be typically completed over two or more visits to the dentist.

We invite our cosmetic dentistry patients to enjoy the beautiful smile and the restored confidence they deserve. For just a few examples of the transformations made possible at Ayr Dental, browse our Before & After Gallery here.



Reverse years of wear and tear on your hardworking teeth with authentic-looking, stain resistant porcelain veneers. Durable and long-lasting with proper care, veneers may be applied to damaged and discoloured areas, bonding to individual teeth for a genuine effect that will enhance both form and function. Achieved over two sessions with our Ayr cosmetic dentist, your new smile can be enjoyed sooner than you think.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is often ideal for circumstances of tooth loss in an otherwise healthy mouth. This procedure involves a custom restoration, or realistic artificial tooth, which is securely fastened to a surgically implanted titanium anchor in the jawbone over several visits to the dentist near Ayr, allowing for proper osseointegration (fusion) and healing.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Make yours a great first impression with an attractive, more youthful smile after just one short trip to Ayr Dental.  A great option for a visible difference lasting approximately one year, bleaching is typically very fast and may require only a few touch-ups to maintain the desired effect. A professional teeth whitening at our family and cosmetic dentistry office can achieve dramatic results in as little as one hour, engaging a light-activated peroxide solution whilst sensitive gum tissue is protected.

Proactive Approach to Oral Health in Ayr

For overall well-being, we recommend oral cancer screening as part of your dental health routine. This brief, minimally invasive method employs the VELscope Vx blue wave light spectrum handheld device as well as a skillful manual exam to identify cancerous and pre-cancerous cells in the mouth. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you have any concerns or suspect an abnormal change; early oral cancer detection could save your life.

Your Family-Friendly Dentist in Ayr

Near Ayr Ontario? It’s worth the short drive to one of our friendly and modern family and cosmetic dentistry practices. Dr. Ramona and her team welcome you to our state-of-the-art clinic featuring cozy waiting areas, flat screen TVs in all exam rooms and contemporary ergonomic recliners for your comfort.

At Ayr Dental, we are committed to making our patients of all ages feel at home, and are experienced in both children’s and seniors’ dentistry. Along with regular cleanings and digital radiography services, we also offer surgical and non-surgical procedures for the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.

We at Ayr Dental understand that life is busy, and that it can be difficult to make the time for a routine dental appointment. We offer our enduring commitment to customer care, finding the flexible openings that work on your terms and do our utmost to keep your appointments on schedule.